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annuity articles

List of annuity articles in order by date published

A list of educational articles covering the topic of Annuities and Retirement Planning.

2024 Articles

2024 Best Annuity Rates

2024 RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Rates

2024 LIF Minimum & Maximum Withdrawal Rates

2024 Income Tax Rates For Individuals

2023 Articles

Unveiling the Myths, Realities and Advantages of Annuities

High Interest Rates in Canada - For How Long?

RBC Payout Annuities: Stability, Tax and Estate Planning

Should I Add A Guarantee Period To A Single Life Annuity?

Comparing Life Annuities to Other Retirement Income Streams

Real-Life Experiences with Life Annuities

Tips for Maximizing Your Annuity Payouts

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) - 2023 Overview

Old Age Security (OAS) – 2023 Overview

Annuities vs. Other Retirement Income Streams: A Comparative Analysis

GICs vs. GIFs - Deciphering the Difference

Understanding Risks & Considerations Associated With Purchasing Annuities in Canada

The Evolution of Annuities in Canada - A Comprehensive Look

Are Annuities Good For Seniors in Canada?

Can You Use Funds from a Tax-Free Savings Account to Buy a Life Annuity?

How Long Does It Take To Purchase An Annuity

How Often Do Annuity Rates Change?

The Basic Principles of Annuities in Canada

What Happens To A Life Annuity At Death In Canada?

Do High Net Worth Canadians Purchase Annuities?

Are Annuities Protected From The Stock Market?

Can I Buy An Annuity With a LIF?

What Is The Best Age To Buy an Annuity for Canadians?

Top 10 Annuity Questions Answered

How Do Annuity Guarantee Periods Work In Canada?

2022 Articles

Desjardins Annuities - Responsible Investing

What Is the Best Age to Buy an Annuity?

What is the Primary Reason for Buying an Annuity?

How Much of My Portfolio Should be in Annuities?

LIF Calculator

RRIF Calculator

2022 LIF Withdrawal Rates

2022 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

Best Annuity Rates for January 2022

2021 Articles

Can Annuities Guarantee Income In Retirement? Yes, Here Is What You Need To Know

Canadian Life Annuities: How To Turn Your Investments Into Cash For Life

Guaranteed Period For Annuities

Life Annuities Are Both Registered And Non Registered

Registered Annuity Rates

What is an RDSP?

What is an RRSP?

How Good a Deal Is Your Bank's Mortgage Insurance Plan?

Canadian Life Insurance

LIF Calculator

Combining A RRIF With An Annuity

Best GIC Rates: Canada 2021

Strategies To Reduce Your RRIF Taxable Payments

How to buy an annuity?

Best Interest Rates in Canada: GIC, RRSP, RRIF, TFSA

RRIF Calculator

2021 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

Annuity: A Do-It-Yourself Pension Plan

Best Annuity Rates for January 2021

2021 LIF Withdrawal Rates

Income Tax Rates For Individuals

CPP Contribution Rates, Maximums and Exemptions For 2021

2020 Articles

Best Annuity Rates for December 2020

Best Annuity Rates for November 2020

This article explores the argument for life annuities

Do I Have To Buy An Annuity?

Types of Pension Plans in Canada

The Benefits of Buying an Annuity

Using a Life Annuity for Peace of Mind in Retirement

How does an annuity work?

What is a prescribed annuity?

What is a life annuity?

Updated: Annuity Rate Comparison Before And After The Covid-19 Stock Market Plunge

Annuity Rate Comparison Before And After The Covid-19 Stock Market Plunge

2020 Best Annuity Rates in Canada

2020 Annual TFSA Contribution Limits

Annuity Calculator 2020: Calculate Your Annuity Income

2020 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

2020 LIF Withdrawal Rates

RRIF Calculator

2019 Articles

RRIF Calculator: Calculate your RRIF minimum withdrawal rate

2019 Best Annuity Rates in Canada

How much will my annuity pay me? And, what will it cost me?

2019 LIF Withdrawal Rates

2019 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

2018 Articles

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Wealth Manager

Investment Planning For Retirement

Wealth Management: What is it and Why You Cannot Do Without It

Segregated Funds/Variable Annuities

Variable Annuities Better Known As Segregated Funds In Canada

Common Annuity Terms and What You Need To Know

Answers to Common Annuity Issues

Choosing The Best Type of Annuity For You

Why Should You Buy An Annuity?

RRIF Calculator

RRIF Annuity Rates

2018 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

2018 Best Annuity Rates in Canada

2017 Articles

Why Is Retirement Planning Hard?

Creating a Guaranteed Income with a Life Annuity?

What is an annuity for retirement?

Annuity Pricing: How much can I get for a million dollar annuity?

Enhanced Annuity for Smokers

5 Key Advantages of a Life Annuity

5 Big Factors That Affect Life Annuity Rates

5 Retirement Planning Secrets for a Comfortable Life

Infographic: How to Buy An Annuity

Who Are The Top Annuity Providers In Canada?

Annuity Formula

Is A Life Annuity Right For You?

Annuity Illustrations: Start Your Illustration

Infographic: Male Annuity Rates, By The Numbers

Infographic: Female Annuity Rates, By The Numbers

Our annuity calculator shows how much monthly annuity income you can get.

Annuity Opens Up Tax and Estate Plans

Infographic: Shop For The Best Annuity Income

Annual TFSA Contribution Limits

2017 Maximum Annual RRSP Contribution Limits

2017 LIF Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal Rates

2017 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

How Are RRIF Payments Taxed?

2017 Best Annuity Rates in Canada

2016 Articles

Annuity Rates for November 11, 2016 (Remembrance Day)

Happy Halloween! Annuity Rates for October 31, 2016

Prescribed Annuities Tax Changes Coming Soon: Best Buy Before Date January 1, 2017

Infographic: Does Your Retirement Plan Provide Guaranteed Income For Life

Living Too Long May Ruin Your Retirement Savings

Infographic: Canadians In The Dark About Annuities

Guaranteed Income for Life - from Canadian MoneySaver

Case Study: Pamela from Montreal

Case Study: Immediate or Deferred Annuity Payments?

Annuities Guarantee Your Needs

Why investing on your own can't match what your annuity can do

Same Sex Couple Joint Life Annuity Comparison

Online Annuity Calculator

How to buy a life annuity?

Male | Female | Joint | Annuity Rates

The Benefits of Annuitizing Before January 1, 2017

Best GIC Interest Rates for March

Top 10 Reason Why You Should Own Term Life Insurance

Why should you own life insurance?

Single or Joint Annuity? Which is best?

Getting Started With RRIF's

How To Guarantee a Secure Retirement Income – For Life

2016 RRIF Withdrawal Rates

2016 Best RRIF Interest Rates in Canada

2016 Best GIC Interest Rates in Canada

2016 Best RRSP Interest Rates in Canada

2016 Best Annuity Rates in Canada

2015 Articles

Canadian Financial Calculators

RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Calculator

Nortel Pension Calculator

3 Great Uses Of Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

Online Annuity Calculator

Nortel Negotiated Pension Plan Windup

Term Life Insurance – The Affordable Solutions

Retirement Planning and Deferred-Income Annuities

5 Annuity Examples to Help Guide You

Best 2015 RRIF Interest Rates

Infographic: Same Sex Joint Annuity (Female Partners+vs+Male Partners)

Annuity Rates for Former Nortel Employees

The Nortel Pension Plan Windup

New 2015 RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Table & Chart

Life Annuities Are Your Paycheque

My Comments on "How annuities can gold-plate a silver pension" by Rob Carricks

Annuity Rates Canada 2015

2015 Annuity Rates

2014 Articles

Pros & Cons of Life Annuities

Retirement Protected By Life Annuities

Video: W.C. Fields & The Annuity Broker

Sources of funds that can be used to purchase an annuity

Annuities Pay For Your Lifetime

Planning For Retirement in Canada Through Victories And Setbacks

RRIF vs. Annuity: What should you do?

Running Out of Money? How Life Annuities Provide Income for Life

Life Annuities Can Buy Peace Of Mind

Should I Annuitize To Prepare For My Retirement?

Purchasing an Annuity for Retirement for Memories of Apple Pie à la Mode

Life Annuities Can Help Meet Retirement Goals

Choosing the right life annuity for retirement

Title: Cinco de Mayo Annuity Rates

An Annuity Comparison Table Helps A Toronto Couple Find The Best Annuity Rates

Our Road To Retirement & The Need of a Guaranteed Source of Income

Retirement Planning Tips by Judy in Burlington, Ontario

How To Properly Plan For Retirement

My Retirement Planning Story: Effective Retirement Planning Strategies For Success

An Insight Into The World of Pension Plans

Using a Retirement Calculator To Plan Your Retirement

Important Facts And Information About Retirement Planning

3 Retirement Savings Mistakes Made By Baby Boomers

Tips for Baby Boomers Retirement

My comments on "4 key retirement planning decisions" by Ellen Roseman

How much of your income should you be saving for retirement - 10%?

Annuities are not as bad as they are sometimes painted via @TheEconomist

No Money Left Over To Save For Retirement via @globeandmail

Current RRIF Rates in Canada

Current Annuity Rates in Canada

7 Questions to Ask About Annuities via @MorningstarInc

A RRIF, an annuity, or a blend via @globeandmail

Choosing the right annuity via @globeandmail

Canadian Annuity Market via @financialpost

Annuity vs GIC via @ottawacitizen

Converting your savings to income via @globeandmail

Wikipedia - Life Annuity Definition

8 Tips to Consider When Buying An Annuity

4 Reasons to Buy An Annuity via @globeandmail

Annuities vs GICs: Proof that Annuities are Better than GIC's

RBC Payout Annuity Calculator

The Official Annuity Calculator

GIC Rates Have Little To Do With Annuity Rates

Retirement delayed: Build wealth by investing in your health

Current Lifetime Annuity Rates

2014 Annuity Rates

2013 Articles

Impaired Annuities: Health Impairments that Qualify

GIC Rates Comparison Table

Let's Talk About Retirement Income

Indexed Annuity Rates | Index Annuity Quote

How Are Annuities Taxed?

December 2013 Canadian Annuity Rates

Retire with Confidence By Starting Your Retirement Plan Today

5 Risks That Could Affect Your Retirement Plan

Black Friday 2013 Annuity Rates

Get Your Pre- Black Friday 2013 Deals On Annuities

In Canada, Annuities Make Sure Retirees Do Not Run Out Of Money

Canada Annuity Rates as of November 20, 2013

Happy Halloween: Top 10 Retirement Nightmares That Make You Scream

Toronto Annuities: The Top Choice For Retirement Plans

Infographic: Male vs Female Annuity Income

Canada Annuities Provide Peace of Mind

Infographic | RRIF Minimum Withdrawal

Infographic | Why choose an annuity?

Lifetime Gift Annuity

What Type of Annuity Should I Buy?

September 2013 RRIF Interest Rates

September 2013 Annuity Rates

My comments to The Globe & Mail's article | Living longer: Five financial realities Canadians need to face by Rob Carrick

Financial Security Guaranteed for Life: Retirement Annuities

What Will Your Investments Be For Retirement?

Seniors Should Educate Themselves About Annuities

Annuities Protect Your Standard of Living in Retirement

Taking the Risk out of Retirement Income

The Real Interest of Lifetime Annuities

Annuity Diversification of Retirement Income Provides a Worry-Free Retirement

Nothing is Certain but Death, Taxes and Annuities

Buying an Annuity with a T2033 Transfer Form

Learn How to Complete a T2033 Transfer Form

How an Annuity Certain Helps Finance Different Needs

Keeping Annuities as Simple as Possible

How Much Retirement Income Do You Need?

Retirement for Two with a Joint Annuity

Planning to retire soon? Annuities will provide you with a monthly income for life

Worried about outliving your retirement money?

Five Things You May Not Know About Annuities

Don’t Run Out of Money after Retirement – Consider Buying an Annuity

Buying an Annuity for Your Retirement Plan

Are Annuities Worth Considering For Income-Seeking Retirees?

Annuities Provide a Guaranteed Monthly Income for Life

An Annuity for Retirement - All at Once or Bit by Bit

4 Advantages of a Canadian Annuity

5 Essential Steps For Your Retirement

Longer Life No Guarantee of Health

Don't make this common annuity mistake

Superman Creators Siegel and Shuster Also Had An Annuity

Is an annuity a good way to guarantee income? USA Today

Moshe A. Milevsky - Life Annuities: An Optimal Product for Retirement

Current Canadian Annuity Rates

Use annuities to insure against outliving your money

Annuities: The best financial product no one really wants

The Search For Shelter

What if you live to 101?

Surprise! Annuities Beat RRIFs

Canadian Annuity Rates vs American Annuity Rates

RRIF Withdrawal Schedule 2013

Enhanced Impaired Annuity

Annuity Retirement Plan

Annuity Definition

Canadian Variable Annuity

How to buy an annuity in Canada?

Best RRIF Interest Rates

Best GIC Interest Rates

Waiting to Annuitize?

Your RRSP matures at age 71, buy a RRIF or an annuity?

Best RRSP Interest Rates

Best Annuity List of 2013

How Does a Payout Annuity Work?

Retirement Payout Annuity

Annuity Rates Comparison- (REGISTERED FUNDS)

Annuity Rates Comparison - (NON-REGISTERED FUNDS)

2013 Annuity Rates Canada

2012 Articles

Sun Life Money for Life

What is an annuity?

Best payout annuity rates Canada

Compare Company Annuity Rates 2012?

Why buy an index annuity?

Annuity Book | Free Download

Annuity Due 2012 | Calculator, Rates, Table, Quotes

2012 Annuity Rates Canada

Sources of funds that can be used to purchase an annuity

What is an annuity?

Annuity Calculator: How to Calculate your Annuity Quote

2011 Articles

Life Insurance Annuities

Annuities for Life

Annuity Insurance

Annuity Life Insurance

Annuity Quotes Canada

RRIF or Annuity at 71 ?

Annuity Calculator Canada

Canadian Annuities

Annuity Rates Canada

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