RRSP Contribution Limits

2017 Maximum Annual RRSP Contribution Limits

By Ivon T Hughes
2017 rrsp contribution limits
Figure 1. RRSP Contribution Limits for 2017

What are the RRSP Contribution Limits for 2017?

RRSP deadline for tax contribution is March 1st.

Annual RRSP contribution limit applies to the total contributions to all of an individual's RRSP, Spousal RRSP and Group RRSP.

The allowable RRSP contribution limits for the current year is:

  • The lower of 18% of your earned income from the previous year.
  • The maximum annual contribution limit for the taxation year.
  • The remaining limit after any company sponsored pension plan contributions.
Year RRSP Contribution Limit
2002 $13,500
2003 $14,500
2004 $15,500
2005 $16,500
2006 $18,000
2007 $19,000
2008 $20,000
2009 $21,000
2010 $22,000
2011 $22,450
2012 $22,970
2013 $23,820
2014 $24,270
2015 $24,930
2016 $25,370
2017 $26,010
2018 $26,230
2019 Indexed to average wage growth
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