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annuity products
Figure 1. Annuity Products

List of Annuity Products Available In Canada

Life Inc. offers a wide range of annuity products throughout Canada; partnering with all the life insurance companies in Canada. For a personal annuity quote please use our Annuity Quote Form.

Annuity Products

  • Single Life Annuity

    A single life annuity is a financial product offered by insurance companies in Canada. It is designed to provide a guaranteed income during retirement by exchanging a lump sum of money for a regular stream of income payments.
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  • Joint Life Annuity

    A joint life annuity is a financial product offered by insurance companies in Canada. It is a type of annuity product that provides a guaranteed income stream to two individuals, typically a couple, for the duration of their lives.
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  • Term Certain Annuity

    A term certain annuity is a financial product offered by insurance companies in Canada. It is a type of annuity product that provides a guaranteed income stream to an individual for a fixed period of time.
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  • ALDA (Advanced Life Deferred Annuity)

    The Advanced Life Deferred Annuity (ALDA) serves as a tax-efficient solution for individuals seeking to postpone the taxation of their registered savings (such as RRSP, RRIF and DPSP) until the latest possible moment. This is the only product in Canada that defers the commencement of payments from registered funds until the end of the year in which the annuitant reaches the age of 85.
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  • Deferred Annuity

    A deferred annuity is similar to a life annuity but instead of income payments being made immediately to the annuitant the payments are made at a future date.
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  • Indexed Annuity

    An indexed annuity is a type of annuity contract where the payout is increased every year by a specific percentage which is determined at the time of purchase. By investing in an indexed annuity, you’ll ensure that your income keeps pace with inflation.
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  • Cash Refund Annuity

    Cash refund annuities are an answer to the increasing demand for flexibility, along with the security of the investment. With this annuity product, you will get the higher age return income of a life annuity, but with the bonus of being able to cash out if you wish. Life annuities of course, give better returns the older you are but as you receive the same income as a non cashable annuity, they’re certainly worth investigating.
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  • Impaired Annuity

    An impaired annuity refers to a type of annuity that is specifically designed for individuals with certain medical conditions or impaired life expectancy. It is also known as a medically underwritten annuity.
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  • Insured Annuity

    If you want to benefit from an annuity while protecting your heirs, an insured annuity is the way to go. This is an investment strategy that combines an annuity with a life insurance policy to utilize the benefits of both plans.
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  • Smokers Annuity

    An enhanced annuity may be issued when a client submits a medical report stating that he or she has a reduced life expectancy due to illness. In addition to the illnesses that you might expect like cancer, stroke or heart attack, now some companies are offering enhanced or higher payment annuities for smokers who meet certain guidelines.
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  • Lifetime Gift Annuity (Legacy Annuity)

    A lifetime gift annuity allows a grandparent to leave a legacy of a annual income to their grandchild, payable on the grandchild's birthday. The lifetime gift annuity is not restricted to grandparents; a parent may also purchase a lifetime gift annuity for a child.
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  • Charitable Annuity

    A Charitable gift annuity is a way to guarantee an income for yourself while also making a gift to a charity. The charity normally purchases the annuity through an annuity broker like ourselves and specifies the guarantee period, if any, and for life. This is a tax effective plan for you as much of the income you receive from such an annuity, is almost free of tax.
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  • Variable Annuity

    variable annuity, your contributions are invested in a variety of funds, called subaccounts, which you select. These subaccounts are designed to meet a variety of investment or savings objectives, such as aggressive growth, conservative growth, or principal preservation. Unlike mutual funds, whose shares are owned directly by the investor, subaccount funds are mingled in the general account of the insurance company.
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  • Copycat Annuity

    A copycat annuity is an annuity offered by insurance companies in Canada which essentially mirrors the retirement income that you are being offered by your employer’s pension plan. It provides the same monthly payout and is identical to what your employer’s pension plan is offering you.
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  • Expats and Non-Resident Annuity

    If you're a Canadian citizen living outstide Canada or planning to move abroad here are a few things to consider before purchasing an annuity.
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