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ivon t hughes

December 4, 2013



Ivon T Hughes



Retirement PlanningWhen it comes to planning for lifetime financial security, I can help you see the bigger picture of how your needs will change over time. With a retirement plan in place, you can build yor savings, protect your family and ultimately, retire with confidence.


I'll also shed some light on the 5 risks that could affect your retirement lifestyle.


When you're in your last 10-15 working years, it's important to prepare for retirement. This is a great opportunity for us to have a conversation about your plans, including what you want to do in retirement and how I can help you achieve your retirement vision.


Your basic living needs may decrease as you pay off your mortgage or have fewer expenses as an empty nester. And you have lifestyle needs - chances are, while working, you've adjusted to the comforts you can afford. I can help you continue to enjoy life right now, while ramping up your efforts to build and protect your savings that you'll ultimately live off in retirement.


Retirement may still seem far off, but sooner we discuss how your retirement plan can come together to meet your needs and goals, the better you'll feel about your future.


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About the Author:

Ivon T Hughes is a leading expert in life annuities in Canada. His website is a recognized authority on annuities. He's also an established insurance and investment broker, licensed across Canada through The Hughes Trustco Group since 1972. Recently, he's been redefining how annuities are sold in Canada.

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