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Canada Monday, August 21, 2017

client waiting to annuitize

Waiting to Annuitize?


1. Are you waiting for interest rates to rise?


2. Are you waiting to get older?


3. Are you waitng until you are 71?


Over the years we have heard it all, in newspapers, magazines on the radio, on TV and in speeches.


And 99% of what were heard about waiting is sheer drivel.


Radio, TV and newspapers are full of financial columnists who are only too ready to give you advice on what to do and when to do it.


But none of them deal with an actual people. They live in some ivory tower despensing advice from on high.


People have to live every day, pay rent, shop and try to have a life. Why are they being advised not to enjoy the money they saved? And to wait until they are 75 or 80 and beyond their life expectancy?


For some really independent advice, read the recent National Post article ‘"We’re living longer, not better’: Average Canadian will spend more than a decade suffering from serious illness." You might draw the conclusion that you should enjoy your savings today not tomorrow.



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