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Annuity Calculator

Annuity Calculator

Annuity Calculator Canada


To obtain annuity rates please complete our Annuity Calculator. If you are simply interested in indicative figures at this stage, please see our Annuity Rates page.



About Our Annuity Calculator


With our annuity calculator, simply enter your desired the monthly income you wish to receive and we'll provide the exact premium amount you need to invest.


The annuity calculator provides quotes from all the insurance companies in Canada. See our list of annuity companies in Canada.


How to Complete The Annuity Calculator

Kindly refer to our annuity calculator form and complete the required fields.



Monthly Income

Enter the monthly income you wish to recieve


Types of Funds

Are the funds non-registered Funds or are they registered


Guarantee Period 

Specified length of time (e.g. zero, 5, 10, 15, 20 years)

Or to age 90 (maximum guarantee period)


Note that annuities are guaranteed for the lifetime of the annuitant or joint annuitants. You can also add a guarantee period of a number of years say 10 years, that the payments will be made after you die.



First Annuitant


Date of birth are required


Second Annuitant

Complete only iof you choice to have a joint annuity.


Personal Information

Full Name






Within 24 hours we will receive an email providing the amount of premium required to receive.


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