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It's important to shop around for the best income

By Ivon T Hughes
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Figure 1. Annuity Calculator.

How do you calculate annuity rates?

To obtain annuity rates please complete our Annuity Calculator. If you are simply interested in indicative figures at this stage, please see our Annuity Rates page.

About Our Annuity Calculator

With our annuity calculator, simply enter your desired the monthly income you wish to receive and we'll provide the exact premium amount you need to invest.

When buying a Life Annuity it's important to shop around for the best income since it is a one-time decision that will last a lifetime.

Ivon T Hughes

How to Complete The Annuity Calculator

Kindly refer to our annuity calculator form and complete the required fields.

Ivon T Hughes

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Ivon T Hughes is a leading expert in life annuities in Canada. His website is a recognized authority on annuities. He's also an established insurance and investment broker, through The Hughes Trustco Group since 1972. Recently, he's been redefining how annuities are sold in Canada.


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