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How to Calculate your Annuity Quote

By Ivon T Hughes
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Figure 1. How To Calculate Your Annuity Quote

Are you looking for a safe investment?

With all the hype of the stock market - is it going up or down? The general public, trying to find a safe investment, faces far too many choices. To zero in on a strategy the first thing you need to consider is your age. Then you can use an annuity calculator to find out what capital you will need.

If you are young, with your earnings life ahead of you, you can afford to dabble with some odd types of investments such as gold mining shares in a remote area of an ungovernable country.

If you are a little older, you have given up on these shares making you rich and are now concentrating on a house or condo and building a RRSP. You realize that the government pensions may not be there for you after all and you need to look after yourself.

Now you are older and all those hopes and dreams have passed away and you have a moderate nest egg. Now what do you do with it?

How much do you know about investing?

This is where the real crunch lies. How much do you know about investments such as stocks, bonds, ETF's, mutual or segregated funds and annuites to name a few? And are you confident that you know how to compare them?

Now lets consider where you fit into the risk taking category; all, some or none.

If you know about all the types of investments and are confident you can change investment horses in time to avoid losses, you don't need to read further. On the other hand, if you realize the risks you may be taking, keep reading.

If you are the type to take some risk, you probably know about stocks, bonds, and investment funds. If these securities go down in value you lose money if you sell them and perhaps if you continue to hold them.

Market Volatility

And the last type is the person who realizes more and more that they don't really want to worry about all the different types types of investments and the market going up and down. This is the person who values security and the guarantees that come from a guaranteed income such as a company or especially a private annuity. The income is guaranteed to come in each month, even if the stock market collapses.

But all these types of people should you some way to measure any risk by using some type of economic or annuity calculator. While you won't necessarily come up with any definite decision, these types of annuity calculators make you think about the future.

And they can raise questions you may not have thought of before. What you are doing is weighing the consequences of acting or failing to act. Let some annuity calculator be your guide.

So assessing what amount you put into any investment really comes down to your appetite for risk. What I have noticed in my practice over the years is that those who take a "GIC Approach" to life, like to keep investments simple.

Ivon T Hughes

Yes, they understand that GIC interest is fully taxable, but prefer little to no risk to their capital. And this feeling solidifies as they get older.

But those who were stock and fund buyers sometimes undergo a metamorphosis also due to waning interest and ability. Unless you are paying a full time stock broker his fees, you need to be internet savvy to do your own investing.

And this is where the complications arise. Lagging interest, illness and lack of certainty of income, all contribute to the desire for a guaranteed fixed income.

Annuity Calculator

So you need to use an annuity calculator to work out what you need to invest to guarantee the income you want.

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