Single or Joint Annuity?

Which is best?

By Ivon T Hughes
single or joint annuity
Figure 1. Single or Joint Annuity?

The annuity calculator below will provide you with an estimate of your annuity income based on your own life expectancy, given your age and sex. Annuities issued with just one life expectancy in mind are called single life annuities.

However, many of our clients want to structure an income that will continue for as long as their surviving spouse lives. That is, they want a guaranteed lifetime income that will never run out as long as either one of them lives. For this, you would use something called a joint life annuity.

A joint life annuity is just an annuity calculated using the combined life expectancies of two individuals to calculate a guaranteed payout, instead of just one. The income will usually be slightly lower than you would get with a single life annuity. But it’s designed to last for a longer period of time: As long as either one of you lives – guaranteed.

No other financial product on the market can make such a promise.

If you want to know what income a joint life annuity will generate for you, or if you simply want to discuss how you can create a lifetime of financial security for your spouse or yourself, long after one of you is gone, calculate your annuity income below or give us a call today, at 1-877-842-3863 from anywhere in Canada.

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