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Author: Ivon T Hughes
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About Our Annuity Ebook

Buying a life annuity can be a complicated decision, especially if you do not have a financial background. Many consumers become overwhelmed by the amount of information needed to buy an annuity and do not fully understand their purchasing decision. Our annuity guide was designed to solve this problem. The guide gives a detailed, thorough, and simple explanation of life annuities. This guide defines the different types of life annuities, explains the tax and financial benefits of life annuities, and guides you through a sample annuity quotation. Best of all, this annuity guide is free of charge. To access this information, you just need to provide your email address so you can be sent the document.

Ebook Review

5 Star Rating

Greetings and good morning, I run a financial services business out here in BC. I read you ebook “Life Insurance in Canada” and I feel it was really put together quite nicely and easy for clients to read. So well done on that it is the best I have seen online so far. I was wondering (hoping) you would allow me to make this book available to my clients for reading? How to hear back from you soon.


D.R. (Dan) McKinnon

Basic Annuity Features

The first purpose of the guide is to introduce the basic features of life annuities. If you have never purchased an annuity before, this is a good place to start. This introduction gives an idea of how an annuity investment works and what you can expect after you buy an annuity. This annuity guide also explains the benefits of annuities and how they compare to other retirement plans like an RRSP. Lastly, the guide provides a glossary of commonly used annuity terms. You can refer to this glossary to define unfamiliar terms found during your research.

Compare Different Annuity Products

The guide also helps you compare different annuity products. Annuity companies provide a wide variety of life annuity products. This makes it easier to customize your life annuity for your specific financial situation. The problem with this large selection is it adds to your required research time. If you do not understand how different life annuities work, you risk buying the wrong contract and damaging your investment. The annuity guide gives a clear outline on how all the different life annuities function. This outline lets you narrow your search to the products that clearly fit your needs.

Advantages of Annuities

One major advantage of life annuities is their tax benefits. The government provides a number of tax advantages to annuities to encourage savings for retirement. In exchange for these benefits, the government places restrictions and penalties on some annuity withdrawals. The annuity guide explains the taxation rules for annuities. It lists strategies for avoiding penalties and maximizing your tax savings. By using the tax strategies in the annuity guide, you can ensure the highest after-tax return on your annuity.

Helps with Purchase Decision

The last section of the annuity guide helps you with your purchase decision. The guide lists a number of important questions that you should ask yourself before you buy a contract. The guide also lists the other resources available on like informational annuity videos and free annuity calculators. By combining these resources with the information in the annuity guide, you can feel much more confident about your annuity decision.

Buying a life annuity is a major financial decision and one that you do not want to rush. If you make a mistake in your investment, it can be very costly to change your mind. By taking the time to read our annuity guide, you will be much more prepared to make a good decision. Remember, the guide is free of charge. Simply enter in your email address and you can begin your annuity education immediately.


The information provided in the annuity ebook is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

Phil Barker

About the Author

Phil Barker

Phil Barker is a leading expert on life annuities in Canada. has different financial products and has been a recognized authority since 1972.

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