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Annuities Provide Security and Peace of Mind

Annuity Case Study: Pamela from Montreal

Read Pamela's story how her life annuities are helping her enjoy a lifelong monthly income allowing her security and peace of mind.


Annuity Story Pam


What Pamela has to say


My association with Ivon Hughes and Hughes Trustco goes back 25 years.


Widowed in 2009, I have been relying on them, not only as agents for my insurance annuity policies, but more importantly as my valued financial security advisors.


My heirs, though willing, are not financial experts and will be relieved to be able to turn to Ivon and Hughes Trustco. In arranging annuities has made it possible for me to enjoy lifelong monthly income to add to pensions - Allowing me security and peace of mind.


Without the thoughtful expertise of Hughes Trustco and Ivon, my old age would be far from ideal.


I am enormously grateful to them and him.


Pam Taylor




Ivon T Hughes

What Ivon has to say




I met Pamela and her husband in April 1986 and she purchased a life annuity after we had discussed the various option.


Subsequently they each bought single life and joint contracts depending on the type of funds they had and the purpose for which it was intended.


Purchases were made in 1987, 1995, 1997, 1999 (2 contracts) and 2011 (3 contracts) because they found the payments were both higher than current GIC's and were guaranteed for their lifetime.


And we note that on renewing the file that one of the last annuities is guaranteed to age 115 and beyond if she reaches that milestone.


Pamela has been a lovely client over the past 30 years and we both look forward as always.


Ivon T Hughes


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