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The Official Annuity Calculator


ivon t hughes

February 11, 2014



Ivon T Hughes




Let me begin by saying that there are dozens of websites on the Internet such as and CNN Money promoting their annuity calculator tool. I must stress that these annuity calculators are basic term certain annuity rates where you select a fixed period to receive your income, but with no life guarantee.


Their annuity calculator do not provide life annuity rates. You enter a principal amount, projected growth rate, and the number of years which then provides you with a fixed income for that period. That is a term certain annuity, not a life annuity.


Below is an example of an Immediate Annuity Calculator that many of these sites promote but obviously provide no meaningful income figures.


Remember an annuity rate is based on the sex, date of birth of the annuitant, the capital amount and a guarantee period you require, if any. These online annuity calculators do not have these fields or that capability.


Here is an Example of an Annuity Calculator Used by Many Financial Websites


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Our Official Annuity Calculator

Our annuity calculator, is THE OFFICIAL ANNUITY CALCULATOR because we use actual annuity illustration tools that are provided by the numerous insurance companies we represent. By using our annuity calculator we provide you with a comparison table of the top annuity rates.


When it comes to calculating your annuity income we manually enter your personal information into each annuity calculator. Software is updated automatically with the current annuity rates. You get an accurate figure, a figure which the annuity company will guarantee for 24 hours at least.

The Official Annuity Calculator


Why use our Annuity Calculator?

1. We provide accurate annuity rates from all the companies.


2. We do the calculations, so you get accurate figures


3. We get the best annuity income available.


11 Annuity illustration tools we use to calculate your annuity income.


1. Assumption Life Annuity Calculator

Assumption Annuity Calculator


2. BMO Annuity Calculator

BMO Annuity Calculator



3. Canada Life Annuity Calculator

Canada Life Annuity Calculator


4. Empire Life Annuity Calculator

Empire Life Annuity Calculator



5. Industrial Alliance Annuity Calculator

Industrial Alliance Annuity Calculator



6. La Capital Annuity Calculator

La Capitale Annuity Calculator



7. Manulife Annuity Calculator

Annuity Calculator Manulife



8. RBC Annuity Calculator

RBC Annuity Calculator

9. Standard Life Annuity Calculator

Standard Life Annuity Calculator


10. Sun Life Annuity Calculator

Sun Life Annuity Calcualtor



11. Transamerica Annuity Calculator

Transamerica Annuity Calculator


Proof that Our Annuity Calculator Will Increase Your Annuity Income By 40%

Here is an example why our annuity calculator is the best on the Internet. We compared two companies. One company is 40% more than the another.


Annuity Calculation


Annuity Calculator


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