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The following is a screenshot of Beneva annuity calculator used to obtain up-to-date annuity illustrations. Each annuity calculation is tailored to your unique needs and financial goals.

beneva annuity calculator
Figure 1. Beneva Annuity Calculator

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Calculate your monthly annuity payment using Beneva's Annuity Calculator below.

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Figure 2. Beneva Annuity Illustration

Beneva Annuity Calculator

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About Beneva

Beneva is La Capitale and SSQ Insurance coming together as one company. Beneva is built on shared human values and powered by 75 years of experience.


Annuities from Beneva

If you are looking to purchase a life annuity in Canada, consider investing with the Beneva. Beneva is one of the largest financial institutions in Canada and has an excellent variety in life annuity products.

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