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Best Payout Annuity Rates in Canada


Below are the best monthly incomes based on a premium of $100,000 of registered funds. Payments will commence in one month.


Payout annuity rates are as of November 5, 2012.


Best Male Payout Annuity Rates

male payout annuity rates



Best Female Payout Annuity Rates

female payout annuity rates


Best Joint Payout Annuity Rates

joint payout annuity rates


What are payout annuities?

Payout annuities are insurance products that pay you a guaranteed regular income for a fixed term or the rest of your life.


Payout annuity income payments consist of a blend of interest and principal based on:

1. Your age and gender (and in certain cases your spouse’s age)

2. Current interest rates

3. Length of time the payments are guaranteed

4. Amount of money used to purchase the annuity

5. Type of annuity


Benefits of Payout Annuities

Consider a payout annuity for the following benefits:


1. Simple

2. Avoid outliving your money

3. Easily customized

4. Your choice of payments

5. Speedy estate settlement

6. A stable income stream

7. Minimize effects of inflation

8. More favourable taxation


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