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best annuity of 2013

Best Annuity List of 2013

by IVON T. HUGHES - The Hughes Trustco Group Ltd.

Published Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 01:53 PM EST


Baby boomers regret not saving more towards their retirement. Many workers are now retiring without pensions. But one way they can catch up is by using the funds they have saved to buy a life annuity in place of a company pension.


If you want to find the best retirement annuity look no further than our Annuity Best Buy Table below.


Find the best annuity for retirement

The way you do this is by asking us to shop the market after you have decided on a date to deposit the money for the annuity and the date to start receiving payments from the annuity.


How do I find the best annuity rates?

Let an experience annuity broker shop for the best annuity rate for you. Fact is that retirees do not shop around for the best annuity at retirement. That means less income for the rest of your life.


Working with an independent annuity broker, like Ivon T. Hughes, gives you an unbiased view of your options and helps you find the best monthly income available.


Today's Best Annuity


Best Male annuity rates as of March 13, 2013

Best Annuity for a Single life male
Company Age in Years
60 65 69 70 75 80
BMO Insurance 470.46 538.56 604.56 624.30 737.77 882.31
Canada Life 505.92 568.35 651.16 676.60 - -
Desjardins Fin. 483.01 555.27 630.74 652.50 771.75 900.77
Empire Life 482.01 559.88 638.16 660.88 793.11 -
Manulife 485.82 554.08 621.07 645.01 783.25 996.57
Standard Life 466.17 535.39 609.31 630.93 729.92 897.02
Sun Life Assurance 485.79 554.78 626.57 647.57 777.38 966.20



Best Female annuity rates as of March 13, 2013

Best Annuity for a Single life female
Company Age in Years
60 65 69 70 75 80
BMO Insurance 431.16 485.73 537.30 552.93 645.30 778.14
Canada Life 467.67 495.87 553.31 569.27 - -
Desjardins Fin. 431.87 489.13 550.11 568.19 670.12 804.04
Empire Life 438.50 497.07 557.63 575.61 685.51 -
Manulife 452.66 507.17 561.33 580.84 692.95 866.63
Standard Life 429.80 485.83 546.44 564.64 675.28 844.15
Sun Life Assurance 449.52 506.90 565.64 582.80 689.66 848.23


Best Annuity Plans

The best annuity plans are those that are well thought out and compared with different rate guaranteed periods. See below to Compare The Best Annuity Rates



Best Annuity Returns

The way to get the best annuity returns is to ask us to get annuity quotes from all the leading annuity suppliers, then choose the best.



Best Annuity Rates

male single lifeBest Annuity Rates for MALES

female single life Best Annuity Rates for FEMALES

joint life Best Annuity Rates for JOINT LIVES



Compare The Best Annuity Rates

Annuity Details: based on $100,000, registered funds, ages 65/65, purchase date March 13, start date April 13. Payment frequency, monthly.

Comparing Guarantee Period Options
GENDER Guarantee Period
0 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs 15 yrs 20 yrs
MALE $571.48 $564.44 $542.84 $508.67 $469.74
FEMALE $494.82 $491.92 $482.89 $467.17 $457.10




The best annuity products are:

1. Single life annuity

- Provides a guaranteed income to an individual as long as he or she is living.


2. Joint life annuity

- Covers the lives of two individuals, a primary annuitant and a secondary annuitant (usually a husband and a wife). Upon the death of one annuitant, the surviving annuitant will continue to receive the income.


3. Term certain annuity

- Provides guaranteed income for a specified period of time.



The best annuity interest rates

The best annuity rates are generally reflected in the payout. While many factors, including longevity, are included in the calculation, a higher interest rate will generally reflect a higher payment.


Best time to buy an annuity

Like real estate, the best time to buy an annuity is now. You don't know how long you and/or your spouse will live, so waiting for something that may not happen is just plain foolish.



Best Annuity Companies

BMO Life Insurance

Canada Life Insurance

Empire Life Insurance

Industrial Alliance

Manulife Financial

Standard Life Insurance

Sun Life Financial

Transamerica Life Insurance

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