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Canada Monday, October 23, 2017

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Question from Tom and Mary in Victoria, BC


Why should I buy an annuity?


From Bill in Nova Scotia


Can I buy more than one annuity?



Rene from Quebec wants an answer to this question


Will my health affect my income?


This question is from John in Manitoba.


Apart from annuities in retirement, what else do I have to worry about?


A question from Ontario today.


What is this annuity insurance I hear about?


From Mark in New Brunswick


Do most retirees buy annuities?


Today I have a question from Eric in Alberta


As registered and non registered funds are taxed differently and
I have no spouse but children, which funds should I annuitize first?


This question was sent in by a client in B.C.


I am a 65 year old man with a 50 year old wife. A joint annuity pays me a lot less than a single life annuity. But how can I protect her till her death?


This question is from Marianna in Toronto


Should I buy a single life annuity with a guarantee, even though
my male partner is about the same age?



Understanding Life Annuities

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