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Why should I buy an annuity?

Can I buy more than one annuity?

Will my health affect my income?

Apart from annuities in retirement, what else do I have to worry about?

What is this annuity insurance I hear about?

Do most retirees buy annuities?

As registered and non registered funds are taxed differently and I have no spouse but children, which funds should I annuitize first?

I am a 65 year old man with a 50 year old wife. A joint annuity pays me a lot less than a single life annuity. But how can I protect her till her death?

Should I buy a single life annuity with a guarantee, even though my male partner is about the same age?

Sun Life - Understanding Life Annuities

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After you receive your quotes you can review your results with Ivon who is a leading expert in life annuities in Canada. He can customize your annuity to meet your needs by adjusting the guarantee period, indexing it to inflation or including your spouse in a joint policy. He can compare quotes from all the leading life insurance companies in Canada. Our clients get sound advice and excellent service with no fees to pay.


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