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Non-Registered Funds

Annuities: Single life male, no guarantee
Financial Institution Age in Years
55 60 65 69 70 75 80
Canada Life 364.74 393.55 443.44 496.70 510.93 595.53 697.66
Desjardins Fin. Security 370.25 412.16 469.08 531.05 549.51 655.53 802.44
Empire Life 340.95 383.78 440.37 497.76 513.73 604.59 -
RBC Life Insurance 356.74 392.51 443.51 502.34 520.00 636.55 787.62
Sun Life Assurance Co 344.28 392.53 463.84 521.07 540.32 618.73 713.82
Monthly incomes based on a premium of $100,000 of non registered funds. Payments will commence in one month.

Annuities are investments that pay an income on a periodic (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) basis. Annuities can be purchased with registered funds from individual RRSPs, locked-in RRSPs, pension plans or deferred profit sharing plans (DPSP). Annuities can also be purchased with non-registered funds. There are generally two types of annuities. Term certain annuities pay a periodic income for a specific predetermined period of time or number of payments. Life annuities pay a periodic income for as long as the annuitant or joint annuitants live.


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