Politically Exposed Foreign Persons

Figure 1. PEFP FORM

Examples of PEFP Forms

PEFPs are individuals (or their direct family members, and/or the person on whose behalf they are making payment) who now hold or ever did hold a senior position in or on behalf of a non- Canadian: government, civil or diplomatic service, military, government-owned corporation, political party or court.

Politically exposed foreign person means an individual who now holds, or has at any time in the past held, one or more of the following offices or positions in or on behalf of a foreign state:

  • a head of state or government
  • a member of the executive council of government or member of a legislature
  • a deputy minister or equivalent
  • an ambassador or an ambassador’s attaché or counsellor
  • a military officer with a rank of general or above
  • a president of a state-owned company or bank
  • a head of a government agency
  • a judge, or
  • a leader or president of a political party in a legislature, and includes the following family members of such an individual:
  • the spouse or common-law partner of such individual
  • a child of such individual,
  • the mother or father of such individual
  • the mother or father of such individual’s spouse or common-law partner, and
  • a brother, sister, half-brother or half-sister of such individual

For more information on PEFP please visit the FINTRAC website.

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BMO Insurance PEFP Form.

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Empire Life PEFP Form

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ivari PEFP Form

pefp from ivari

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Manulife PEFP Form

pefp from Manulife

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Sun Life PEFP Form

pefp from Sun Life


The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, or FINTRAC, is Canada's financial intelligence unit, a specialized agency created to collect, analyze and disclose financial information and intelligence on suspected money laundering and terrorist activities financing.

Created in July 2000, the Centre is an integral part of our country's engagement in the global fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

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