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How do I apply for an annuity policy? - The Hughes Trustco Group Ltd are independent life insurance and life annuity brokers brokers in business since 1972.


Because we are independent we do not promote any particular insurance company. You choose the company you want, which is usually the company offering you the best annuity income.


We are licensed to sell life annuity products across Canada.




Step 1 Lets Begin - Get a Quote

Simply complete our Life Annuity Quotation Survey.


Please consider the following questions before completing the form:


Will the life annuity be a single life or joint life?

Will the the life annuity be for yourself or will it include your spouse?


Will there be a guarantee period?

You have the option of choosing no guarantee on your life annuity or you can choose the most common 10 year guarantee. In most cases the longer the guarantee the lower the annuity income. The guarantee period for registered life annuities is to age 90. For example if your current age is 65, your maximum guarantee can be 25 years.


Payment Frequency

Would you like to receive your life annuity income, monthly or annually?


Purchase Date & Start Date

When would you like to purchase the annuity and when would you like to start receiving the income payments? Usually purchase date and income start dates are the 1st and 15th of each month.


Registered or Non-Registered

Are registered or non-registered funds to be used in the purchase of this life annuity?


Step 2 Review Your Quotation

You can normally expect to receive your life annuity quote within 24 hours.


Your quote will arrive by email with the following subject line:
"Annuity Quote: John Smith" see example


If you do not receive the quote we suggest you check your spam folder as some emails may be redirected to your junk folder. If you can't find the quote please contact us by email or call us toll free at 877-842-3863.


After opening the pdf attachment we suggest you look over the quotes. You will see companies rated from top to bottom with the top company offering the most income.


Step 3 What Happens After I Get The Quote?

Usually 2 days after receiving your quote we will contact you by email or telephone and answer any questions you may have.


At this point we may suggest a different type of quote with a different amount or guarantee period, depending on your circumstances.


To discuss the quotation you can always call us toll free at 877-842-3863.


Step 4 Apply & Lock-In the Rate Guarantee

After you have decided on the company, we will send you a Life Annuity Application.


In order to lock-in the rate, a rate guarantee, guarantees the rates currently in effect.


We will then request a cheque made payable only to the insurance company for non-registered funds and a "void cheque" for automatic deposit together with I.D. Registered funds will require a Transfer form (T2033) to be signed also.


Step 5 That's It! - Receive Your Policy By Mail

After receiving your signed application, your investment cheque or transfer form, void cheque and one copy of ID (i.e. copy of drivers license, birth certificate, passport pages) the insurance company which will then issue your life annuity policy.


You can expect to receive the policy within a couple of weeks.

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