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Joint Annuity Table

Joint Life Annuity Table: 2012


Select the joint life or single life annuity table to view.

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Joint Life Annuity Details:

The tables below show a premium amount of $100,000 registered funds with a purchase date May 1, 2012 & start date June 1, 2012. Monthly income are listed below by age group.


Joint Life Annuity Table
Guarantee 50 55 60 65 70 75

Joint Life

no Guarantee

$300.01 $332.65 $389.86 $455.87 $513.91 $603.80

Joint Life

5 yr Guarantee

$300.01 $332.64 $389.82 $455.74 $513.49 $602.19

Joint Life

10 yr Guarantee

$299.97 $332.54 $389.50 $454.65 $509.91 $589.65

Joint Life

15 yr Guarantee

$299.84 $332.17 $388.33 $450.89 $498.32 $555.84

Joint Life

20 yr Guarantee

$299.48 $331.15 $385.26 $441.77 $477.41 $n/a


Monthly annuity table rates as of April 17, 2012.


Annuity rates may have changed since the table was last updated. To get up to date annuity rates please use our annuity calculator.


About the Joint Annuity Table

The joint life annuity table will give you a good idea of possible annuity income with various guarantee periods. You can see that the monthly incomes jump by $50 a month and more over 5 year periods, making the annuity table a place to find good retirement ideas.


Let's take from the annuity table, a real life comparison of a annuity income, no guarantee, for 2 couples aged 65. The first couple takes the annuity payment immediately and receives $455.87 per month as shown. The other couple earns $20,000 on their capital and at age 70 and receives $617. Who is better off?


The first couple has received $27,300 in total. The second couple has to make up this $27,300 they did not receive with the extra $162 per month. Simple math shows that it will take 14 years to make up the difference when they will be 84?


This is the reason people use annuity tables!

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