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Annuities from Assumption Life

Assumption Life annuity provides regular, fixed income payments for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a guaranteed monthly income stream that will continue until your death, then a life annuity is the perfect retirement option.

Talk to a Assumption Agent/Broker

The best way to learn more about annuities from Assumption Life is to contact a Assumption insurance agent or broker who speciallizes in annuity sales. An annuity broker deals with more than one company and can help you compare monthly incomes from all the different life insurance companies that sell annuities in Canada.

How to buy an annuity from Assumption Life

  1. Start by completing a Assumption annuity quote.
  2. Completing a Assumption annuity quote below is the first step in calculating your monthly income based on your personal needs.
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    assumption annuity calculator
    Figure 1. Assumption Annuity Calculator

  3. Receive your Assumption Annuity Illustration by email.
  4. Once you submit your information, we'll calculate your annuity payout and send you the Assumption Annuity Illustration the same day. Here is an example of a Assumption Annuity Illustration.

    Figure 2. Assumption Annuity Illustration

  5. Complete the Assumption Annuity Application.
  6. After reviewing the annuity illustration, the annuity broker will take down your information and complete the annuity application for you. Here is an example of a Assumption Annuity Application.

    assumption annuity application
    Figure 3. Assumption Annuity Application

  7. Complete the transfer form(s).
  8. The annuity broker will complete the transfer forms that are necessary. Registered funds like your RRSP, RRIF or RPP are transfered from one institution to another using a transfer form. If the funds are coming from a non-registered source the annuity broker will ask you for a cheque that is payable to Assumption Life.

    Figure 4. Transfer Form

  9. The following items are sent to Assumption Life:
    • Assumption Annuity Application
    • Assumption Annuity Illustration
    • Transfer Form (for registered funds) or
    • Cheque payable to Assumption Life (for non-registered funds)
    • Void cheque for the payment of the monthly income
    • Copy of a government issued photo ID

  10. Your Assumption Annuity Policy is issued and mailed.

Your annuity policy will be issued when the registered funds are transferred. Or when the non-registered funds have been cashed.

Figure 6. Assumption Annuity Policy

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About Assumption

Established in 1903, Assumption Mutual Life Insurance Company became a mutual more than forty years ago. A testament to its undeniable reliability, Assumption Life has stood the test of time and is now one of the largest remaining mutual life insurance companies in Canada.


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