Best Annuity Rate Comparison Tables of 2012

Below are the best annuity rate comparison tables which we prepared on November 2, 2012.

The annuity rates shown below are from registered funds. All annuity rates provided are immediate life annuities. We compare annuity rates for males and females. A joint comparison is also available for your spouse. All the annuity rates are based on monthly incomes with a premium of $100,000 of registered funds. The income payments will commence in one month.

Annuity Comparison Tables



















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Annuity Due 2012 | Tables, Rates and Calculators

What is an Annuity Due?

An annuity due is almost identical to a regular annuity. When you buy an annuity due contract, you make a deposit with an annuity company. In exchange for your investment, the annuity company agrees to give you monthly payments in the future. The main feature of an annuity due is the timing of its payments. A regular annuity makes its payments at the end of a period. If you have a regular, monthly annuity, you get your payment at the end of the month. An annuity due makes its payments at the beginning of the period. As a result, you receive your payment on the first day of each month.

Annuity Due Tables

The tables below show a premium amount of $100,000 registered funds with a purchase date June 1, 2012 & Start date June 1, 2012. Monthly income are listed below by age group.

Annuity Due | Single Male Table

Annuity Due | Single Female Table

Annuity Due | Joint Male Table

Annuity Due Calculator

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Annuity Due Quote Example

This is an example of an annuity due quote from a list of Canadian insurance companies.

Annuity Due Quote

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Today’s Annuity Rates as of April 24, 2012

Today’s Annuity Rates: 24-April-2012

The following annuity rates comparison tables are for registered funds, with a premium amount of $100,000 and with a “no guarantee” period.

Comparison Table: Single Male Annuity Rates

Comparison Table: Single Female Annuity Rates

Comparison Table: Joint Annuity Rates

Canadian Annuity Quotes

To obtain your own personal Canadian annuity quote please use the instant  annuity calculator on our site.

Annuity Prices

We represent the following list of life insurance companies in Canada that sell life annuities. To request an annuity price choose from one of the list of companies below.

Assumption Life

BMO Life insurance

Canada Life Insurance

Empire Life Insurance

Equitable Life

Foresters (was Unity Life)

Industrial Alliance

La Capitale Insurance

Manulife Financial

Standard Life Insurance

Sun Life Financial

Transamerica Life Insurance


Joint Life Annuity Table

 Annuity Table below is for a joint life annuity.

Joint Life Annuity Details:
The tables below show a premium amount of $100,000 registered funds with a purchase date May 1, 2012 & Start date June 1, 2012. Monthly income are listed below by age group.

Visit our 2012 Annuity Table for further information.

Canadian Joint Life Annuity Table as of April 17, 2012.

  Single Life Annuity Table: Male

  Single Life Annuity Table: Female

Our annuity rates are from Canada Life and may have changed since the table was last updated, to get up to date annuity rates please use our annuity calculator.


RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Table

RRIF Minimum Payment

The Canadian  government specifies a minimum amount you have to withdraw from your RRIF each year to provide an increasing income until you reach age 94 when it levels out at 20% of your plan value. The reference guide below shows the minimum payment for RRIFs issued after 1993.

You can also base the minimum RRIF payment on your spouse if your spouse is younger. This will result in lower payments than if you used your own age and more money being left in your plan to accumulate tax-sheltered.

RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Table

Age RRIF Minimum Payment
60 3.33%
61 3.45%
62 3.57%
63 3.70%
64 3.85%
65 4.00%
66 4.17%
67 4.35%
68 4.55%
69 4.76%
70 5.00%
71 7.38% (5.26%)*
72 7.48% (5.56%)*
73 7.59% (5.88%)*
74 7.71% (6.25%)*
75 7.85% (6.67%)*
76 7.99% (7.14%)*
77 8.15% (7.69%)*
78 8.33%
79 8.53%
80 8.99%
81 8.99%
82 9.27%
83 9.58%
84 9.93%
85 10.33%
86 10.79%
87 11.33%
88 11.96%
89 12.71%
90 13.62%
91 14.73%
92 16.12%
93 17.92%
94+ 20.00%

(* if RRIF was established before 1993)