Where To Find The Best Interest Rates In Canada? Buying GICs and RRSPs Just Got Really Easy

You’ve worked hard for your money, and now you have a nest-egg you can put away to earn interest. But how do you figure out where to put your money so it can earn the best interest? After all, interest rates can vary among trust companies, banks, and insurance companies by one percent or more.

Canadians wanting to invest in Guaranteed Income Certificates (GICs) face the daunting decision of where to put their money. There may be only two banks in your town, and both offer lower interest rates than the trust company in the city two hours’ drive away. Or, even if you live in a larger community, you may not have the time to call every financial institution to find out what their rates are. And people with access to the Internet may not want to go to a lot of websites to comparison shop, either.

Our GIC interest rates section shows investment shoppers the best rates across Canada. The information is free and it’s updated daily. And once you’ve found the best interest rates in your province, you can easily make your purchase from the companies, that are covered by the CDIC.

You also have the option of receiving email notification from Hughes about the best interest rates.

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