Should your life expectancy be part of your financial planning?

My comments on  “Should your life expectancy be part of your financial planning?” by Garry Marr of the Financial Post.

Rick and Carol got it right!

It is all about your health, not your money. Rick saved for umpteen years and now he can’t spend it.And Carol is facing that question but from the still-healthy side.

Carol should buy the largest income she can get in an annuity and start the income now;otherwise she can end up like Rick.

Clients continually tell me that ” annuity rates will go up ” as they wait to act. Actually they’ve been telling me that for more than 10 years as the rates slowly drop and their lives ebb away.

If you get sick or lose your partner,it is all for naught. There are only 2 considerations in retirement planning; action and guarantees.