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LifeAnnuities.com is helping advisors all over Canada solve their biggest challenge of getting quality annuity and insurance leads.

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Welcome, producers!

Thank you for your interest in improving your productivity and profitability by working with us.

As you know, we have a steady stream of consumers looking for professional advice regarding annuities, insurance and other financial products. We’re looking for a few good agents to meet their needs, make us all look good, and help take care of our customers and their families.

As you all know, sitting down with a qualified potential client who has already expressed an interest or a need for our services is much, much more productive and profitable than continuing to slog on the phone, cold-calling or cold-walking.

Yes, there is a better way!

In order to better serve you, please fill out the online questionnaire. In part, this questionnaire helps us focus by ensuring that you only receive leads that are reasonably near where you do business.

You’re already well on your way to a more profitable and prosperous future!

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