“The Retirement Gamble” Facing Us All

Article “The Retirement Gamble” Facing Us All by Martin Smith
This is an informative,wide ranging look at all the decisions the potential retiree has to face.
It is not just the amount of money you need to save,though that is certainly important.But it is where and how you place you investments that could cost a lot more in the amount of retirement benefits you actually receive.
There are many traps here and maybe your best advice could come from a fee-only planner who charges you by the hour He knows in advance that the purchase of any product like an annuity,will not be purchased through him or any referral he makes.
The products you can buy are numerous,with most opting for some type of investment fund.But if you remember 2008,when the market plunged,you need to think that you can’t afford to let this happen to you while you are retiring or retired.
And it is here where you decide whether you want a fixed guaranteed income from an annuity or take you chances in a volatile marketplace.If you can,t afford to lose capital, be very, very afraid of investments over which you have no real control.