Buying an annuity: when doing it yourself costs more than getting expert advice

Below is my recent comment on the following article “Buying an annuity: when doing it yourself costs more than getting expert advice” by Richard Evans from  The Telegraph

We remember the car mechanic’s sign that says $39 an hour without your supervision, otherwise $59 an hour.And that certainly applies to annuity purchases.
We receive emails from clients who are doing their own annuity shopping from company to company trying to get the best deal. But are they comparing the correct criteria for their situation in life? And are all the brokers replying on the same basis?
If you want your Will drawn correctly, your car fixed and the best possible income from your annuity, consult an expert. These and many other fields cannot be fixed by online reading, and in this context, you need an annuity expert.

About Posted by: Ivon T. Hughes

Ivon is a leading expert in life annuities in Canada. His website is a recognized authority on annuities. He's also an established insurance and investment broker, licensed across Canada through The Hughes Trustco Group since 1972. Recently, he's been redefining how annuities are sold in Canada.
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